I enjoy my travel time. As I write this, I am watching baseball with a chance to visit all my siblings in the Valley of the Sun. I also hope to make it to Shangri-La Ranch Resort in New River, Arizona, as well as find a nude spot in Las Vegas, Nevada. The lure of nude time in the sun drives me to find those places where we are free to enjoy the outdoors without the restriction of clothes. 
It was cold today outside, so I could only enjoy clothes-free living in the condo where we are staying. That is also a cause for enjoyment and just relaxing. There are many AANR members, and nudists in general, who only enjoy nude time in the confines of their home. It’s all good! Supporting nude recreation doesn’t mean you have to be an active participant. Your support of AANR makes it possible for us to fight for protection at local, state, and federal levels. Your dues and membership numbers count when we talk to legislators. The more people we represent and the more areas we can say our members come from, then the more it shows we are a diverse and formidable group to be taken seriously when considering the impact of new legislation. 
Just because we can’t be nude on certain public lands, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our time and advance our cause. There are hiking areas in the southwest where you need to be clothed within the parking area or in the more heavily used areas. 
Our next leg of this journey takes us to Tucson, Arizona, and a short visit to Mira Vista Resort. What a great place to relax and enjoy the many pools, the hot tub, and the conversation pool. The javelina came through sometimes in the morning and evening. It’s nice to have a quick encounter with nature while walking the grounds of the resort.
Mostly though, I enjoy talking with people from all over the world visiting our nude places here in North America. On this trip, I have met nudists from the Netherlands, Canada, and Mexico, in addition to guests from several states. All of them find nude time in Arizona this time of year to be a benefit for them personally – recharging their batteries, and looking forward to more nudist spots in the future. Your support of AANR, and our hard work at the Government Affairs Team keeps that happening.