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AANR-West Booth at LA Travel Show Draws an Enthusiastic Crowd
– by Gary Mussell
The Western Region of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR-West) once again sponsored an informational booth at the LA Travel and Adventure Show on 
February 24-25. Our purpose was to talk to those attendees interested in exploring the places and opportunities for nude recreation around the western U.S. We saw much bigger crowds at the booth than last year when it rained. The show promoters say the Travel Show usually draws about 40,000 visitors each of the two days and, from our observations of the crowded aisles, the number of visitors was probably higher than that.
As in years past we had a variety of volunteers representing nearby clubs in the booth. One of the teenage daughters of a member ran the prize wheel and by being there, she articulated the family-friendly image of social naturism–that it’s not just for adults. The result was a line of smiling faces waiting to spin the wheel to win a prize! 
We gave out several hundred brochures and handouts from virtually all the clubs and resorts in the west. The most popular prize wheel giveaways were the keyring flashlights and the lip balm. Most popular with the kids were the beach balls. We also gave away “Nudist and I Vote” buttons, but only to people who promised to wear them the rest of the day around the exhibit hall. And they did!
We collected 145 names and emails from people who signed up for the raffle prizes provided by the Clothing-Optional Home Network. They gave away two-night stays at three of their B&B’s – Arroyo Del Sol in Altadena, Lagoon Del Sol in Phoenix, and Alpenglow in Oregon. Because it was made clear that this was a clothing-optional prize, those who signed up are obvious candidates for further contact. This list is shared with all the clubs who sent volunteers to staff the booth.
The Travel Show was held at the LA Convention Center. There were just over 500 booths and workshops, featuring different travel destinations from around our beautiful nation and the world, plus various travel products. Some of the adventures that were featured included camel rides and a scuba diving pool. Our booth was strategically located on the intersection of two main aisles, so we got maximum foot-traffic exposure.
In mid-March, we staffed a similar booth at the California Parks and Recreation Show. This two-day event was a little different than the LA show in that the attendees were all employees of various state, county, and city parks around California. We got to talk to these visitors about the traditional nude recreational areas at nearby beaches, hot springs, and hiking trails. Many expressed an interest in further information, so we were able to gather a list of contacts here also. Well worth the effort!
To those of you in other regions of the country, we recommend your club (or group of clubs) come together at similar shows in your area. The expense is worth the positive public relations, and if you raffle a nice prize you can also gather a list of names for follow-up.


Representatives from AANR International Regions often participate in local trade shows to increase awareness for AANR International Nude Recreation. If you know of a trade show that would benefit by having AANR International  present, please contact here.​