Celebrating my Birthday in my Birthday Suit!


My 75th birthday took place in April 2017.  My husband, Alvaro Suescun and I, were going to Spain to spend a week with friends on their custom built catamaran and then another week at a resort. My only request was that I wanted to spend my birthday where I could be nude.  So Alvaro searched the Internet and found Costa Natura in Estepona, Spain on Costa del Sol.  It was a lucky find. About an hour from Malaga airport, the drive to Costa Natura was fairly easy with good highway signage.
Our unit was clean and comfortable with adequate kitchen supplies and drinkable water, and we awoke to the sound and sight of the ocean. Despite a bit of cool wind, we were able to roam about the grounds nude.  We noted that all of the units were whitewashed to look like a typical Andalucian village with gardens, flowers, lawns, and a view of the Mediterranean.  The amenities included a lovely poolside restaurant and a bar with a view of the ocean, a small boutique, an adult and children’s pool, a hot tub, a beach bar, and several areas for sports. Wi-Fi and a beach towel were available for a nominal fee. We soon discovered that the staff, service, and food were all outstanding.  
I made it a point when we checked in to tell the staff I was there to celebrate my birthday. I told them I am a club trustee with AANR and I hoped to write an article about Costa Natura for The Bulletin to share my experience.  A representative then referred me to Karsten B. Andersen, a delightful Danish gentleman and one of the unit owners.  Karsten was in charge of marketing and is presently researching ways to publicize their resort.  He was eager to sit down and chat, as well as receive a copy of AANR’s advertising rates.  
Karsten informed us that Costa Natura was the first holiday resort in Estepona, established around 1980, and originally a fishing village without mass tourism. It now consists of 200 privately owned apartments that are either occupied by its owners or rented out. Most units are 300 or 400 square feet with one to two bedrooms and one or two terraces, but there are also studios and a few larger units. Ten apartments are available for young families at a special rate.
Since we were there a bit before the high season and warmer weather (August reaches 90 degrees), activities such as daily sports and children’s games were limited but music and dancing were offered on weekends.  
We made instant friends with some of the folks — most of whom were from European countries such as Denmark, Germany, France, England, and Ireland.  Although we were in Spain and both of us speak Spanish, we found that English was spoken everywhere by people of all nationalities and American music was popular. 
The day of my birthday arrived and the weather was lovely. As we sat in the sun, one couple we had just met came to our lounge chairs and sang “Happy Birthday.”  At dinner that evening, another couple came to our table with a birthday card and a second round of “Happy Birthday.”  An unexpected dessert with a candle was served and our new friends gave us their names, contact information, and sincere invitations to visit. 
The entire experience was wonderful...but not surprising.  Not only did I manage to spend my birthday in my birthday suit but I confirmed again that nudists, no matter where they are from, are the friendliest people in the world! As for Costa Natura, my husband and I would love to return in high season when it is a tad warmer, things are in full swing, and meet up with the folks who made us feel so very welcome. 

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