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Friends, Family and Nudism

Slowly Letting Others Know

One day I had titled on my email profile "home nudist" and a few days later my 68-year-old mother sends an email asking what I meant by that. To say the least it caught me off guard so much that I did not respond for a couple of days! But those days were actually helpful as it allowed me to think how to present my nudist lifestyle in a positive way.

I came back telling her that I have indeed attended a nudist club, and have so much fun being with people of all ages and shapes, from kids to people her age. I think she accepted that explanation, as I did not get a rebuke in reply!

Facebook also has been a great tool for starting conservations with friends and coworkers, and so far the reaction has been very positive. Some have asked me about my "clothing optional" vacation plans, and another admitted she would love to visit a nudist resort.

By letting others know I am a nudist, I am able to educate them about the wholesome, fun lifestyle that allows you to meet others who enjoy just being without clothes, whether it's at a BBQ, a volleyball game, or a get-together dinner, the activities are endless.

National Exposure

In addition to going to nudist resorts a few times a year, I also model nude for art classes. Ten years ago, I qualified as a contestant on the hit ABC game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." During my contestant phone interview, I told the AP (associate producer) that I modeled nude for art classes. She told me that I was the first contestant that had managed to shock her.

She then asked if I would be comfortable talking about that on the air if I made the hot seat. I briefly thought about all my co-workers and my family, most of whom knew nothing about my proclivity toward nudity. What would their reactions be? But I figured that I only had a thirty percent chance of actually making the hot seat, so I reluctantly said yes.

ABC flew my wife and I to New York. We went to a Broadway show the night before the taping. The morning was spent going over legal paperwork and rehearsing in the studio all the things that would happen. The taping started in the afternoon. I missed the first fast finger question, but I nailed the second one. I beat the next fastest contestant by 0.08 seconds and headed to the hot seat.

Before the cameras started to roll, one of the producers came over to host Regis Philbin and pointed out something on my bio card. The commercial break ended, and Regis went right into my part-time modeling job. He asked if I modeled nude, and I told him I did. He managed to make the conversation entertaining, and it made for interesting television. I wound up winning $32,000.

Once I got back to Texas, I feared what I might hear from my family members and co-workers. Most of them responded positively. One female co-worker said her jaw nearly hit the floor as she watched the show. About the only negative response I got came one of the higher-ups in the company who asked a rather rude question about male arousal (which I promptly rebutted).

I have to admit that I was extremely nervous as I approached the hot seat, knowing that I was going to talk about my nude modeling job on national television. Once we got through that, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief, and I think that helped me calm down so that I could answer the game questions that Regis began asking. It probably helped me win as much money as I did.

A short clip can be seen here:

Telling Family and Friends

My family has a get-together every summer. My wife and I never went while Sharon was alive since we lived on the west coast and the family lived in the mid-west and east coast. We had dogs, Sharon had a business and we didn't have an RV.

After Sharon passed away I sold the house in California and bought a house in Nevada. I had enough money from the house in Cal to buy a used RV. In 2003 I took my first trip east to the family get-together. My niece was having the family at her house in Michigan.

I drove there in the RV, stopping when they were along the way at nudist resorts. I was never refused as a single man. In 2006 my niece in Michigan divorced so her sister in Maryland hosted the family. She called me to tell me of the change in plans and told me there was a KOA near her home I could stay at with the RV. I asked her the name of the KOA, told her I would try to get reservations there, but if none were available I would stay at Pine Tree Associates.

She asked me what that was. I told her it was a place near her house with RV parking, swimming pool, volleyball and tennis courts. She said she had never heard of it so I told her it was clothing optional. Silence!

After she digested what I said she said suit yourself, but put clothes on when I came to the house. I got into the KOA so clothes were no problem. On the way to and from her house to the camp grounds I told her about Sharon and me being nudists. After the family get together I drove to Va. To see Sharon's brother and a niece who was has daughter. Then I drove to S.C. to see her sister. Lara had not seen her Aunt Sharon since she was a toddler.

While I was there, I told her about Sharon's business and our life showing dogs; the part about us as nudists just came out. Both my niece in Md. and S.C. were very accepting of the news of our nudist lifestyle.

The Wife

I have been going to Aurora Gardens for about four years. Last year I got my wife to go for her first time. She loved it. Now we are planning to go to a clothing-optional resort.

She told her sister about it and when she comes to visit this summer all three of us are going to Aurora Gardens. We have never had a better experience. We love it!

How I Have Changed

Please note that I only consider myself a family nudist. I do believe in many of the naturist ideals. I just don't personally feel the need to join a club or anything.

Like all of us, I had a few nudist experiences as a kid. But, unfortunately, I was really never allowed to run around naked as a kid. I didn't understand then and I still don't understand now. However as I became a young adult I realized that nudity does not mean sex, and in many ways, is just simply relaxing.

I don't really "get social" but I see nothing wrong with it. If someone were to catch me simply naked, I would not be embarassed. I think I would be more embarassed if I was sitting half-clothed on the toilet. However, I would still love to try it some day.

Some of my friends know that I am comfortable with the idea of nudism. I would love to attend a nudist event with some of my close friends. I think it would strengthen our friendship and create lasting memories.

I am a family nudist. I like to be nude, just you probably won't see me at a nude beach. I don't think I would have a problem being nude in front of my partner, or children. I would probably allow my kids to run around nude. However I haven't had that social aspect of nudity yet. Maybe I'll try it sometime...

Being a family nudist helps me be comfortable with my body. Sometimes I think it's sad the people are uncomfortable with their own bodies. I think if nudity was commonplace, the world we be just a bit better. When I am nude, I also tend to eat a bit healthier, because when everyone (including yourself) can see what you really look like, you care about your body and yourself just a little bit more, i guess, I haven't really figured that out yet. :)