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First-Time Nudist Experience

Our First Time

My wife and I started going to Gunnison Beach in NJ this past summer, She was hesitant on removing her bottoms as I had no problems going totally naked. On a recent trip to Jamaica our resort had a Au-Natural section our first day there We decided to check out the beach after meeting a very nice couple at the "textile" section beach our first nite there. Before we went my wife said to me that she was not removing her bottoms and I said ok we went back to our room to "freshen" up then left for the short walk to sunset beach.

We meet up with the couple that we meet at the bar the night before. Set our stuff down and proceeded to join in on the experience. I dropped my shorts with no problem I then turned to my wife as she was removing her cover-up expecting to see a g-sting bottom but was greeted with my wife being completely naked. My god was she a beautiful sight we then walked up to the bar for drinks and food. We enjoyed the experience so much and thanks to the couple we meet my wife was so comfortable there that we spent an entire week on that beach hardly ever going back to the textile side. now that we are home unfortunately to cold weather we cant wait to be able to go naked again.

We have decide that at least two weekend a month will be designated "clothing free" weekends as much as possible with all the kids we have.


I was a "closet nudist" my whole life. As a child I would get naked whenever my parents left me alone at home. I had a desire to be nude in nature, and as an adult I would visit remote areas of public parks and enjoy nude freedom. However I was always fearful of being caught. Both because it was illegal and I didn't want anyone to see my nude. I thought I was a weird sicko for wanting to be nude in nature, and tried to suppress my longing.
After years of illicit nudity in nature I realized I needed to find a legal way to enjoy being nude outdoors.

In February of 2011 I found Gulf Coast Resort online and decided to try it. I drove by once but lost my nerve. The next time I drove up to the gate and lost my nerve and left.
The third time I made it inside and went to the office. I was very nervous but the nice lady there put me at ease, gave me a tour, and information. I went back to my car and got NAKED.

I was a bit self-conscious about my body (I'm very skinny) and had no idea how people would react to seeing me naked. I walked around the office building to the small recreation area. I saw nude people of every shape and size playing tennis and other sports, and lounging by the pool. I was NAKED and no-one cared!
"Ohh" was the first thought that came to my mind. Something, like a switch, changed in my mind and I had a new perception of myself and others. I walked around the area and enjoyed the sun and wind on my bare body. It was so amazing! The freedom! No worries. Everyone was friendly. I visited every weekend for a few weeks.

When I joined AANR I found out about Lake Como Nudist Resort and started going there instead. It's so big and natural with wonderful nature trails I felt completely free and at ease.

Today I live in a nudist community, and I must say embracing nudism is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I feel that God led me to nudism. It's sad that I wasted half my life wearing clothes and being ashamed of my own body.

Dressing Up To Undress

Dressing Up to Undress!

My story of becoming a nudist is rather interesting and maybe somewhat unique. It all began in 1997 when my job was abolished. The stress of unemployment with insurance, a mortgage, child support and no obvious new career on the horizon was taking its toll on me. Some years before I had built a pool behind my house and really enjoyed a private skinny dip late on a Summer night.

The middle of a jobless week with no interviews, no calls, and just no obvious possibilities, I was so stressed out that I summoned enough courage to visit a nudist resort in an adjoining county. That resort was Hidden Valley in Georgia. That chill out was the best therapy I could have possibly experienced. I then visited the resort at least once a week but kept it a secret from my fiancée because I just did not think she would understand. When revealed sometime later I discovered - she just did not understand.

I finally found work in Charlotte, NC and visited Carolina Foothills Resort in South Carolina on my trips back and forth to Georgia to visit my children and my fiancée. The distance, my liberal thinking, my intent to follow my bliss, among other problems destroys my relationship with my fiancée.

So, there is a chance encounter at a coffee house event conducted by a Unitarian Universalist church where art is featured. I had just got disengaged and I got in a conversation with a lady that had just separated from her husband. The lady I met was Gail and we both now know well that then special sparks began to fly!

I had worked previous years on weekends at a renaissance fair and had appropriate costume attire. I invited Gail for our first date to be my damsel at the fair. The fair exposed our common flair for the enjoyment of being exhibitionists. Little did I know that Gail had written a book on costume design. O.K. I was thinking, would she enjoy nudism?

I took Gail to Carolina Foothills. She had been nude a few times in a hot tub. How would she react? She embraces it completely and I begin to believe I am falling in love with this woman. Later, traveling to a conference in Nashville, we stop for an overnight stay at an AANR Convention in Crossville, Tennessee. That was really a worthwhile experience. Gail admits being a bit uneasy having been asked for the first time to dance in the nude with a man besides me.

On trips to Georgia we frequent Hidden Valley and decided to enter a July 4th costume contest. I dressed as a firecracker (only in one special spot) and she was the statue of liberty with a torch. This lady was definitely lighting my fire! We won the contest.

Another conference related to my work takes us to Anaheim, CA at Disneyland where we are required to be Disney characters in a costume contest. I was Captain Hook and Gail was Tinker Bell. We won the contest and the prize was paid registration for the next conference to be held in Tampa, FL.

The trip to Tampa affords us the opportunity to take vacation days and stay at Pa

First Time Was Awesome

I was fresh out of college in early 70's but had not lived the 'flower child' life here in conservative Midwest. But a college field trip to the southwest gave me my first chance to let loose. And of all places to enjoy desert heat, sun and first time group nudism was in a nice cool creek down in the Grand Canyon of Arizona.

Cool water was soo refreshing after uphill hike with heavy backpacks. There were a couple hesitant girls who kept t-shirts and undies on, but that didn't stop them from going in the water to frolic with all the rest of us nudies. You could see from the look in their eyes that they really envied us being naked,but something still kept them from going for it, despite all the encouragement we shouted at them.

Seemed that this was a 'first' for many in the group, so I was not the only noob' naked in the sun. The longer we were naked, the more at ease all were. Women stopped trying to hold a hand over their breast or pubic area, and with no towels with us, we all found the comfort of warm rocks to lay out and sun dry.

Our hike out and return trip was nothing like that day naked in the water. I have no idea how many others were won over, but I certainly was sure I'd find myself naked and in the sun soon again.

Yearly return trips for me for a decade down to the canyon were scheduled each summer. Spent every trip finding new waterfalls and pools to play naked in, and I always managed to fine another 'noob' somewhere along the trail to convince to come along on my side trips to 'find the freedom' too.

The Surprise Anniversary for a First Time Naturist

When it comes to someone's first naturist experience, all the thoughts of what you will experience races through your mind. You contemplate stares, comments, laughter, and so much more when you imagine an encounter with someone at a naturist resort.

Add to that for each year for the anniversary, my wife and I annually trade surprise vacations with the other spouse. One person plans the entire trip and the other person has no idea about any part of the trip until you are either at the airport or on the highway. As I planned this trip, I knew I was taking a big risk because my wife had never experienced any type of nudity.

Yet, planning the trip was so much fun in that I produced a three ring binder with information, details and photos of where we were headed and the agenda for the trip.(My wife is a detailed person so this was imperative to get her buy-in). She was instructed to put together a generic suitcase for any trip. Then the day before we left, I packed the items that were critical to our stay and she was not allowed back in the closet to try and guess.

It was not until we were on the interstate to Miami that I gave her the binder. Her first reaction was "Are you taking me to a nudie place?"

I had a deep swallow and said, "Just read the book, it's clothing optional." After some laughing and discussion, she agreed to check it out.

Early the next morning we were off the St. Martin and Club Orient. It was mid-afternoon when checked in and were surprised how laid back and casual our host greeted us. Since Happy Hour had already started we checked into our villa and went to the resort bar for our 2 for 1 drinks. I was totally natural and she was in a sarong that I had purchased.

At dinner at the resort restaurant, we saw everyone was just wearing a towel to full sarongs, so that relaxed my wife to know that she had options. The next morning we went down to the beach and she wore a half sarong but soon that was gone and she embraced the full natural experience for the remainder of the stay.

We made so many friends in such a short time and all our potential concerns were erased by the staff and guests. Most guests are repeat guests of anywhere from five years to thirty-five years. We sat next to both millionaires and blue collar people but it never mattered because the experience of this freedom broke down every social barrier that we experience in the states.

We never felt more relaxed for any vacation than our first experience at Club Orient because there is security everywhere to protect you and respect your privacy, a grocery store, boutique, activities for the entire family, a great French restaurant, nightly dancing in the buff, along with a bar and grill (with both having great happy hours) right on the property.

If you are ever thinking about a first time naturist experience and your spouse may be apprehensive, you should know that Club Orient is the right place to go for getting your feet wet.