May brings warm weather and it is a good time to get things started in the garden. I just spent a leisurely day at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix and saw a lot of interesting growth. I’m struck by the diversity of flora around us and like to see what I can grow in my area. Looking at the varieties of plants that will grow in an area challenges us to look at what we plant as part of our regular routine and what we could do to change that routine. 
World Naked Gardening Day is another way to challenge our regular routine. Last year, the publicity for WNGD generated a lot of buzz on the Internet and in the news. This year I hope it makes it into the public consciousness again. People need to step out of their usual routines to see what they can do differently. This is as true with political action as it is with landscaping. Just because we are comfortable doing things a certain way doesn’t mean we shouldn’t step back and look at other ways to reach our goals. 
Whether it is picking a plant to accent your outdoor retreat or where/when you choose to meet a local leader – we need to be willing to try new things. Topics of concern to nudists need to be brought forward to our elected representatives. Try a new approach and let your voice be heard to make a better environment for you and your community. Change comes about when we make a continuing effort to foster communication and discuss our concerns. It’s good to voice our preferences so we end up with satisfying results.