Groundhog Day at AANR

It is appropriate that Groundhog Day is in February and many state legislatures start filing new bills in February. The same bills get filed yearly, but the problem is sometimes after years of trying a bad bill could get passed. The Government Affairs Team works for you to make sure we know when a bad bill gets introduced and work to stop it from making it out of the preliminary steps and out for action.
This is also a lot like Groundhog Day. We do the same things over and over again and see very little change. It takes a dedicated group of people to keep up this grueling activity. Member support is all we have to keep up our efforts. Your membership with AANR and your support for our efforts is essential to our success at fighting anti-nudity legislation. 

All of the members of the GAT team in each of the regions work to make sure that legislation detrimental to nude activities are not passed locally. We depend on members, as well as team members to let us know when any legislation at any level is proposed that could begin the avalanche of activity that leads to a bill with negative consequences for nude use in your local area.

Check in on the website, and see what is new. We have GAT updates and a place for you to tell us when you see something that may need our attention. The website is dynamic and new information pops up on a regular basis. You can learn a lot by being an active AANR member. The team at the AANR office is constantly changing the information on the website, so make it one of the spots you visit when you are on the web.

The GAT team is looking at 2017 as a year of change. We are already looking at proposed bills for potential negative consequences. We work with your elected officials to try and come up with proposals that will meet a perceived local need without impacting nude use. We welcome your support and can always use new members on the team.