Making A Difference

Helping Members and Clubs - State by State, Province by Province

Not all Government Affairs Team work involves a state-wide bill or major court decision. Many issues appear at the local level...right down to the lone club, landowner, or family. Here is a bulleted breakdown of the efforts that member dues made possible this year. Please note that the issues catalogued below have all occurred since early summer 2009:


  • Penticton, BC- Letters were sent in support of Three Mile Beach (non-AANR nude beach) during their fight with city council to keep the beach open, after nearby landowners were attempting to have it closed. No formal decision was made, so the beach remains open.

  • Edmonton, Alberta - New administration threatened to shut down nude swims being held at a city pool by a non-AANR group. The pool held these swims for years. Background information was provided from the previous victories in BC, as well as current information of other clubs holding nude swims at city run pools. The group was allowed to continue their swims.

  • Ontario, Canada- Letters of support continue being sent in favor of developing a nude beach at Wasaga Beach. While, this is outside of our region it involves nude recreation.

  • Continue to provide financial support along with AANR to the Wreck Beach Run in BC

  • Surrey, British Columbia - After AANR helped provide funds to the Skinny Dippers club in British Columbia to help with its lawsuit against a municipal pool that refused it access, the club used its success to help yet another club refused access, as well as for leverage in gaining admission to the local chamber of commerce
  • Vancouver - AANR has co-sponsored the annual 5K Bare Buns Fun Run along with the AANR-WC region. The event helps raise money used by the Wreck Beach Preservation Society to improve conditions on this clothing-optional beach, and to be sure the tradition of nude use lives on there.
  • Providing guidance to club facing demands that it sign various releases/threats of litigation after dissolution of relationship with its previous landlord.
  • Also in Canada: Assisted defense counsel in case where in-home nudity was alleged to support allegations of abuse.


  • Preliminary guidance and suggestions for obtaining counsel provided to member concerned that a complaint about him being seen tending to secluded portions of his property while nude would go to court. AANR provided additional guidance when the issue indeed went to court.


  • Provided financial assistance to a mother facing restrictions on sending her children to nude venues within Arizona and California. Also provided a packet of detailed legal information used by the mother's counsel to successfully challenge the restriction.
  • Provided a detailed interview with the Arizona Republic concerning the challenges nudist parents encounter in varying situations.


  • October 29, 2010--AANR responded to a California member's request for information on the financial aspects of the nudist industry in anticipation of a visit to consult with financial backers on a possible project.
  • October 15, 2010--What began as a comment on AANR's blog The Alltogether resulted in the aid of a member on the West Coast who was told by police that he must cover up within his own fenced back yard or face future citation and prosecution.  The member lives in a community of one-story homes, lives over 300 feet from the neighbor whose yard adjoins the back of his yard, AND the yard is landscaped in vegetation cover.  The problem? The solid, wooden fence in red wood style has very small spaces between boards (less than ¼” ) to accommodate wood swelling and shrinking from rain, heating, and cooling.  Because the neighbor claimed that she and her children could see nudity IF THEY stood against the fence and peered through these minute cracks, four policemen responded and issued the demand.  Member Liaison Terry Justice and I are in the process of preparing a detailed letter and set of materials that the member may use in discussions with local counsel---along with documenting photos that we have recommended be taken.  The plan is to have said counsel issue a “cut it out” letter to authorities so that the member may go back to enjoying his own yard naked and in peace.
  • Child custody dispute over nudist parenting and club visits.
  • Family's nude photographs on private FLICKR account triggered an investigation by federal authorities after the account was hijacked. Charges in the case were dropped and custody of members' two children restored only after 10 months of significant assistance from AANR to the Deputy Public Defender for the Southern District of California.
  • Club sought AANR guidance after Wal-Mart and Costco refused to develop/print photographs of nude adults enjoying a club event.
  • Assisted club denied credit card processing at favorable rates due to the nudist nature of its business.
  • Providing assistance to club in suit alleging discrimination.
  • Assisted member with exploring legal options to challenge judge's ban on bringing his son to a nudist club. A request for financial assistance in this matter is currently pending in the legal committee also.
  • Assisted club with legal information on photography releases and policies.
  • Consultations with member cited for nudity within the traditional nude area on Black's Beach (case involved new law enforcement personnel unfamiliar with current practices). A request for financial assistance is pending with the AANR Legal Committee.
  • Provided guidance to club on complying with custody order involving dispute over visits to the club by child with one supportive parent and one against said visits.
  • Guidance provided to club after problem guest escorted from grounds.
  • Thanks to AANR's legal committee, AANR provided funds to assist a nude bather cited while on the traditionally nude section of Black's Beach. A police officer unfamiliar with the traditional "landmarks" between the city (i.e. clothed) and state (clothing-optional) sections of the beach had issued the ticket.


  • October 15, 2010--
    A Florida member called requesting a referral to a mental health counselor who understands nudism.  The caller’s husband is required to consult such a professional after receiving a citation, and pleading no contest, to a charge involving nudity within the couple’s own back yard. (Regrettably, they had not consulted with AANR prior to entering this plea; it is doubtful that the facts here would have warranted a conviction.)  We are in the process of contacting several known members who practice.
  • Discovery of a member's copy of The Bulletin by a client she was transporting for medical procedures prompted a complaint to the company making her transportation referrals. This resulted in the member losing lucrative contracts. AANR prepared detailed memos outlining possible legal causes of action and provided attorney options.
  • Providing guidance to photographer of adult nude models in a rare obscenity case brought within a rural county.
  • Member's practice of nudity within the family home triggers allegation of sexual abuse. Consultations with defense counsel was provided on several occasions.
  • AANR helped a member in a case involving nudist club to vet his attorney by providing detailed information about various attorneys' backgrounds and education among options the member was considering.
  • Assistance with child custody dispute involving nudism and visits to nudist clubs.


  • Detailed conversations with legal counsel acting on behalf of member cited after being seen gardening nude in his secluded back yard; provided case precedents and research; arranged for expert testimony on nudism to be "standing by" ready to appear in court as case went to trial.
  • Provided information to legal counsel and arranged for owner of nearby club to testify after parents accused of sexual abuse for hot-tubing nude with their children.


  • Assisting club with obtaining a beer and wine license despite nudity laws which make pursuing such licenses challenging.


  • Explored legal options with member cited with disorderly conduct after being seen nude in the window located at the back of his home. What had been a very secluded back yard had unexpected visitors from local engineering officials who were considering a nature trail through the conservation land that had been the backyard.


  • AANR General Counsel Jawn Bauer testifies as an expert witness on behalf of a member in a case concerning nude photography. AANR office equips Jawn with detailed materials.


  • Assistance and an understanding ear provided to a member facing job loss with a social services agency following discovery of his participation in nude recreation and club leadership.
  • Substantial research and vetting assistance provided to a member and her adult son over contempt of court charges pending against the son for allowing granddaughter to visit nudist club despite a custody order of which he was unawa


  • The office fielded a call by a Kansas member who recently ran, and was elected to serve, as a volunteer leader in his local club.  The member was concerned about the impact that this decision could have on his present employment in a government position.  Terry Justice and I provided some written material, guidance, and are arranging a local legal contact that he could reach "just in case."


  • October 29, 2010--Provided guidance to the legal counsel representing a person charged after technicians at a computer repair shop discovered nude photos of children on his machine.


  • Provided guidance to club sued by a member, enabling club to take advantage of its insurance coverage when obtaining counsel.
  • Provided several referrals and an overview of the law to a person cited for skinny-dipping on a secluded portion of the Assateague National Seashore.


  • Member seen in state of nudity through the window of his own town home triggered a complaint to the condo association suggesting his ouster. Detailed guidance and legal options provided.
  • Assisted club denied credit card processing at favorable rates due to the nudist nature of its business.
  • Visits to family nudist club/family nudism at home trigger allegations of abuse by nosy neighbor/"friend" of family.


  • AANR assists with educating operators of a funeral home about the last wishes of a member to be buried nude after the home was terribly rude to the family involved in the situation.
  • Member who had visited nudist websites in the past sought guidance when taking his computer in for service.
  • Guidance to club following the arrest of one of its members.
  • Guidance to club concerning background checks, procedures, and the various advantages and disadvantages.


  • Practice of family nudism in home and visits to Southeast clubs trigger allegations of abuse by ex-spouse.


  • Family nudism practiced at home triggered an allegation of sexual abuse from an ex-spouse although said spouse had once visited a nudist club themselves. Detailed consultations with counsel provided.


  • October 29, 2010--
    AANR talked with a nonlanded club in New Mexico which is currently being denied a permit to hold events on U.S. Forest Service grounds.  We are conducting research into personnel within the agency who can help us break the log jam.


  • Bathtub-type photo of a member's four-year-old daughter triggered a very brief review by police and child protective authorities which was soon dropped. However, AANR assisted with preliminary vetting of legal counsel and provided materials to have on hand in the event the situation escalated.
  • Assisted club with restoring credit card processing services after they were suddenly revoked over the nature of the club's business (i.e. as a nudist resort).
  • Assisting club with questions involving music licensing at events.


  • Incident involving body jewelry and a citation on Gunnison Beach/Sandy Hook
  • Assistance with child custody dispute involving nudism/visits to nudist clubs in NJ and Pennsylvania.


  • Assisted club with public relations and legal guidance in the aftermath of a member's arrest over pictures of his 12-year-old son nude which he brought in for printing at a lab.
  • Assisted the non-member mother of an adult son afflicted by autism with understanding her options under the Americans with Disabilities Act after the son's landlord threatened eviction over a single incident involving nudity on the tenant's balcony during pre-dawn hours. Helped explain that certain forms of autism make clothing extremely uncomfortable for those afflicted and assisted with negotiations that helped the young man remain in his apartment.


  • Nude photographs and magazines discovered in a storage unit prompt calls to local authorities and investigation.


  • When a married couple's practice of nudity within their home triggered allegations that they were unfit parents from an ex-spouse, AANR provided written materials and guidance to counsel.


  • AANR Responded to an inquiry from a member concerning legal parameters of nude photography.
  • A member and club both communicated with our office on the telephone and in emails seeking AANR’s assistance with facilitating the member’s “organized departure” from the club after a significant disagreement between the parties.  At this time it appears that we may have been successful in helping both to accomplish the departure without need to revert to more expensive alternatives including litigation.


  • Referral to qualified family law attorney, consultations, and materials provided in child custody dispute over nudism.


  • Assisting club with questions involving music licensing at events.


  • Custody of members' grandchildren called into question after their visits to nudist clubs was flagged by a parent who had been "out of the picture" for many years who was seeking a basis to reopen the custody issue.
  • Mention by a female member of her travels to nudist clubs in conversations with a co-worker triggered sexual harassment investigation. By supplying copies of relevant case law on the subject, we assisted this member with having the matter dropped.


  • Numerous conversations and fax requests between AANR office and the U.S. Military over extending military honors to a member during memorial service at a nudist park.


  • AANR was asked to help step in and provide education/answers after a member's teacher assigned her 7-year-old daughter to make a poster about her summer vacation plans and the girl innocently depicted the nudist club she looked forward to visiting.
  • AANR responded to a club dealing with income tax questions and issues.  We have forwarded a guidance memorandum prepared by a tax attorney some years ago and arranged for the club and that attorney to be in contact with each other. 


  • Bookmarked nudist websites on person's computer trigger complaints to local police by a hostile family member/guest in the home.